The London/ Coldplay Adventure – Part 2

Day two saw us getting up slightly early and having breakfast in the hotel. Myself and my boyfriend went off on our own for the day and our first stop was Buckingham Palace, I had seen this before when I was much younger but I could't really remember it. It's a beautiful palace, made even better by the changing of the guard event we were able to witness. My Great Grandad – or Popeye to me – was once one of these guards and it was whilst he was working at Buckingham Palace he met my nan. It was amazing to witness and, in a way, be close to my Popeye. 

After Buckingham Palace we took a leisurely stroll through St James' Park before walking over to Downing Street. This day we did so much walking that we were unable to do as much shopping as we had initially hoped to. What we were able to do was walk through and to many places including, Trafalgar Square, Shaftsbury Avenue, the new Harry Potter Play theatre and many more before ending up in Carnaby Street and Oxford Street. 

Before going to the last two we did go back to Southbank to find a little bit of food and stop for a sneaky Pimms. The food we found was delicious, and I even managed to get gluten free sweet potato fries – my favourite! 

Carnaby street was a lovely little walk – my boyfriend wanted to go here to find the Pretty Green store. On the walk towards Oxford street I found a Muji store and was instantly pulled inside. What a beautiful store that I could have spent so much money in! – But I didn't!! In Oxford Street the only store we had time for was the absolutely massive Topshop – oh my days is this store big. I literally couldn't believe my eyes and got so overwhelmed that I picked up one things before leaving!!

The final stop we had to see was Baker Street - being the avid Sherlock fans that we are it was a must!

All in all I had the most amazing time in London and cannot wait to go back there again!! 

What is your favourite part of London? Let me know in the comments below! 

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