The Elle Magazine Freebie

The chance to get a free item is something us beauty bloggers love. I have to say, looking through the lifestyle and reality magazine sections and finding ones on offer with beauty products inside them, waiting to be ripped open, is something I just cannot pass up. Benefit recently launched one of their new brow products in Elle Magazine, I had an email telling me we would be able to sample one item and I was instantly drawn to WH Smith's to find this little sucker. 

I'd seen the new range in many Youtubers videos and could not wait for the launch, this particular product is definitely one I would have liked to try. I found the Goof Proof Brow Pencil in the colour number six, I love the packaging, this new style they have launch is by far my favourite. I love the metallic silver and it reminds me of a really pretty pen! 

Ascetics aside the formula of the product is really lovely and glides effortlessly onto my eyebrows. The two different tips are great for applying the perfect brow, the pointed tip at the top makes it easy to fill in the sparse areas of the eyebrow without making it too full. Then the wider tip fills in the rest of the brow. 

I have three complaints about this product. The first two are not due to the product itself, but instead the magazine. The magazine came fully wrapped with no transparency to the pictures, meaning you could not see the colour of the brow pencil, which was the second problem. As the only colour I could find was the number six which is more of a black then a dark brown. The final complaint I have is whilst the formula is super soft and easy to apply the problem I find is that it does not dry and therefore it's easy to smudge around my face. 

However, for the price of the magazine it's a lovely sized product to be able to test before deciding to buy the full size. My mum also got one herself and hers was also the colour six so I would be interested to know if there are any other colours in the magazines. 

Did you get this magazine? What colour did you find? 

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