The First Impressions Post – L’Oreal Foundation Edition

I recently purchased the L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation on a trip to Spain. I hadn't seen this foundation in the UK, so when I was out there I wanted to give it a test. It claims to be a dewy foundation and this, along with the shape of the product, is what attracted me to it. I've been really into dewey foundations and especially for the summertime. 

The packaging of the product is also unique as it opens as if it is a powder, it them has a sponge under the lift up cover. Inside the sponge is the foundation which you can dab straight onto your face. I like to apply it with a wet beauty blender and dap it straight into the product before applying onto my skin. I really like this method as it allows me to concentrate the product on any of my 'problem areas'  and keep a lighter coverage to the other places. 

The foundation felt really soft and creamy when applying but it also felt super lightweight and made me feel as if I was not wearing anything. It does leave a really nice glow to the skin, but nothing that appears too oily. Sometimes I am reluctant to buy drugstore foundations as many I have tried have oxidised throughout the day leaving me looking slightly more orange than I would have liked. Another problem I can find with foundations from the drugstore is the colour range, I find it difficult to match my skin tone as I am very very pale and tend to use the lightest shade possible and. However, I managed to find it in the colour Porcelain which is the perfect match for me. 

On a day to day basis I tend to opt for a CC Cream, but when I want a little bit more coverage this foundation is perfect. It lasts throughout the day before I feel that it starts to get a little bit patchy. 

Have you ever tried this foundation? What were your thoughts on it? 

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