The Marie Claire Magazine Freebie

In the month of June Marie Claire had a St Tropez freebie within their magazine. This excited me terribly so I had to pick it up, I actually have since repurchased the magazine as I loved the product inside so much. At the amazing price of only £2.50 you got to test the St Tropez Instant Healthy Glow Everyday Tinted Body Lotion. 

This product was amazing, I tried it before I went on holiday and continued to use it whilst I was there. It provided me with the most beautiful, natural looking tan and it did not look orange or fake at all. I do not tan natural and therefore this was an absolute steal for me. The price of the magazine combined with this product was excellent value for money. The size was also perfect to take away with me as it didn’t exceed the 100ml restriction. The fact the product is tinted means it will already give you a glow as soon as you apply it, you only have to wait a few minutes for it to dry before putting your clothes back on. 

Unfortunately, this product was only available in the June magazine which is now no longer for sale. 

What is your favourite tanning product? 

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