The Summer Reads – June Edition

Some of you may be aware that I love to read, but during University term time I don’t get much of an opportunity to read the things that I want. Being a student means I get a reading list as long as my arm and not necessarily including books that I will like. 

This summer I am setting myself the task of reading at least four books a month. That leaves me with three months to make sure I have plenty of reviews going up for you! I have, over the past few weeks, bought a fair few amount of books. Therefore, I am going to, at the start of each month, give you an insight into my summer reads. 

So for June… 

1. Broken Sky – following a similar path to the majority of the books I read Broken Sky is another dystopian novel. The front cover initially caught my eye due to the dark and simple layout. The line 'Trust No One' on the front of the book is engaging and draws you in. Flipping the book over I want to read it straight away, according to the blurb 'war is illegal' and 'harmony rules'  for someone who reads a lot of dystopia I can already tell that there is going to be an element to the utopian world which is far from perfect.  

2. Half Bad –I am sure with this list you will start to see a pattern emerging, yes again we are delving into the dystopian theme but this time we are moving more onto the side of mythical beings. The main character is half white witch and half black witch. His life is tied to two different sides and I am automatically intrigued by what makes you good and what makes you bad. 

3. Divergent – Many of you may be familiar with this book, and yes it is again dystopian. Made into a major motion picture I really wanted to read the book and see how much I enjoy it compared to the film. 

4. Death Comes to Pemberley – A completely different genre of book compared to the other three, this book is the sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and follows the supposed murder of Lydia Wickham's husband. I'm excited to read it as Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favourite novels. 

What are your reads for the summer? 

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