The Travel Handbag

Over the past few years I have become a frequent flier with Ryanair, along with my family I have ventured to the south of Spain numerous times to visit my Uncle. He owns two bars in Fuengirola so it is no surprise we like to holiday there. 

For as long as I can remember I have been stuffing everything into my carry on case, which can get so annoying and confusing. Before they allowed you to take on a separate handbag I would constantly be annoying the person in front whilst I opened my case to try and get my tickets and passport out. Then it moved onto being allowed to take a handbag through with you, I went through many sizes and shapes before I landed on this one here. 

What I felt I needed was separate compartments for different things, this way I would know where everything is and not have to rummage around trying to find something in the bottom of a cavernous pit. This bag delivers on so many levels, I found this bad boy stuffed away behind many others in TK MAXX. 

This bag came in at £24.99, a definite bargain price. I do love a good deal, especially when it is everything I was after. I really love the camel colour and I have so many belongings which are this colour in different shade variations that it was just perfect. The bag has so many different pockets and sections it is easy to see how things could get lost, however, I worked out quite early on which pockets I wanted for what item (sad I know!).

The strap is extra-long to fit over the shoulder making the hands free experience even easier when travelling through an airport. The inside pockets have a variety of security; some are just gaps whereas others have actual zips for items which need to be securely tucked away. There is even a secret part which is very handy. The back of the bag has another pocket which is also very quick and east to access, I particularly like to keep headphones in this section. The thing I love most about the bag is I can not only easily fit my phone, purse passport etc. in but also a tablet and a book as well! 

What is your favourite bag for travelling? 

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