Why Switch to Disqus?

Google+ Comments – Problems 

For a long time, I had major problems with the commenting system throughout my blog. I realised that people could comment if they were using google chrome but not if they were using safari. I had no idea why this was and tried very hard to fix the problem, as the amount of views my blog received was starting to increase I wanted to make sure people were able to leave a comment if they wanted to. 

After a while I found that even I couldn't access the comments through safari. I looked at other people's blogs and found they didn't have the same problem as me. I was using google+ comments and from the start I really disliked this system as it was very confusing. 

I thought that maybe there was something wrong with the CAPTCHA, but I attempted everything I could to put it right, but to no avail. I even contacted apple to see if they could help me but unfortunately not. 

Therefore, I decided to move over to Disqus. 


I'd seen discus on many other blogs and already had an account with them. The commenting system was getting more and more popular and I decided to research it a bit more. Integrating Disqus onto my blog was very easy and the instructions straight forward, unfortunately though they are unable to access my google+ comments and therefore these were lost. 

The set up part was straight forward and I hoped it would encourage more and more people to comment on my blog. Over the past couple of weeks, I've read a few posts on why Disqus has not worked for people and others on why they love it. 

What drew me to Disqus was it's easy commenting system and straightforward login. As I was already a member of Disqus for commenting on other blogs I didn't have the hassle of signing up again and going through that boring process. I was worried that people would not comment because of it but I have found that those who comment either use this system or already have an account.

The signing up process, however, is hassle free as all you have to do to comment and apply an email address and a password, then verify your email and you're done. Allowing you to comment not only on my blog but also a number of other blogs. If you choose to be kept logged in then you will not have to log in when on other blogs – simple. There's also the option to sign in using other platforms such as Facebook, twitter, google etc. 

Another aspect of Disqus which I really like is there is the option to guest comment if you did not want to log in. Under the same log in as Disqus you will see the option to guest comment, this way you put your name and email address but will not have to sign up to anything. The email address is so you can be notified if I, or anyone else, replies to you. 

Overall I know that lots of people have different opinions for Disqus and other commenting systems. I personally really like it, but I would love to know what you think of it. 

What are your opinions of Disqus? I would love to know! Do you like it? Do you think that it is easy to use? 


Do you prefer an alternative commenting system? 

Let me know! 

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