The Birmingham Fashion Haul

As I mentioned in my previously blog post I would be splitting my Birmingham Haul into two, yesterday's post saw us talking about all things beauty and visiting the Selfridges store. In today's blog post we are going to be discussing all things fashion! As I previously said I didn't manage to get much in terms of clothing which I was quite disappointed in as I had hoped to find more things. What I did get I love!

Forever 21
I was excited to go into Forever 21 and browse the selection of clothing, however I was thoroughly disappointed as there was hardly anything I liked. I felt that a lot of the clothing was more pointed towards festival clothing – which isn’t good for me as I am not attending any festivals this year. The shirt I picked up however I love and think will be perfect for nights out. It has bell sleeves, quite a deep v and then a black neck tie that I like to make into a choker.

I was also disappointed in the Topshop as I was only able to find one top that I liked. I love it though, a theme with the majority of tops I bought was that it has a cold shoulder detail. It is a beautiful pinky/nude colour that fits perfectly with a flattering neck lie. 

The final top I picked up was from Primark in Selfridges (which firstly I couldn’t believe they had!) This top is actually super similar to the Topshop one, the differences are of course the price and the materials used to make each. This one is thinner and better for the day where the Topshop one I would be happy to use for evenings out and dinners out.

That’s everything I got from Birmingham, as I said I had anticipated to get so much more which is a shame, so I will save up for my next shopping trip! I apologise that the items were very similar as I have been on a hunt for more pretty tops to wear with jeans, skirts and shorts this summer! 

What is your favourite store to shop in? I'd love to know! 

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