The Broken Sky Book Review

The latest book to add to the many Dystopian book reviews I have recently uploaded. Once again we are in the midst of a dystopian theme and country. Whilst there are certain aspects to the book which I can find extremely confusing – such as the country they are in. The way I have understood it is the book is set in the past 1940s – or should I say a future 1940s and a different world war. Instead of war we have peacefights – where the aim is for two jet fighters to go head to head in order to win for their country. The aim is to just bring down the planes, but of course this is not always possible and sometimes the pilots die. These fights are vital for their country, from tier three to tier one being the more important.

The story is centred around Amity, a Peacefighter who is following in her father’s footprints. Along the way she becomes reunited with her best friend Collie who went missing 4 years ago. Amity lives in the Western Seaboard and the threat of Gunnison and his 12-year plan is looming.

The world is slowly being taken over by the idea of star signs, and it’s the star signs that control their future, lives and behaviour. From this the discordant’s are being taken constantly to camps.

The story screams Nazi Germany. And Gunnison, to me, can be seen as almost a Hitler character, he is slowly taking over the world and sending the discordant’s to camps. His threat of the Western Seaboard is present and it leads Amity to question why his country is continuing to win all of the fights which matter the most.

The story is about love and betrayal. Amity must try to uncover the wrongs in the world and she races to try and fix them, endangering herself and the ones she loves.

I am excited to read the sequel in Autumn and if you are after a Hunger Games meets the World War story then this is definitely for you.

Please remember these are my thoughts along on the book.

Have you ever read it? What’s your favourite book/author?

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