The Half Bad Review

*Warning*- Contains Spoilers! 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then it will not be a surprise that I love Dystopian Fiction. If you are new and have no idea what Dystopian fiction is then I shall give a brief explanation. It comes from the idea of a Utopian reality (or a perfect world), it is always set in our world but it is a distorted version of it. Therefore, it can be past or future, but there is always someone or something striving to make it perfect – though it is far from this. 

Nathan is a Half Witch, half black witch and half white witch. He lives in a world where the pure white witches are testing him and he must fight to survive. The idea has been beautifully placed and we are shown Nathan age rapidly and the trails he is facing. This is the first in the Half Bad Series and I cannot wait to get the next and find out what is in store for Nathan. 

One aspect of the book I loved the most was Nathan's relationships and interactions with the other characters in the book. His father is a bad witch, (kind of the Voldemort of the Half Bad Series if you will), he is on the run and the Hunters are forever trying to find him. What is interesting is Nathan's thoughts and feelings towards his father. Whilst he despairs in the acts his Father has done and created he cannot help but want to know him, want to know why he left him and why he hasn't come for him. And at the end of the day, he wants to know why he loves him. 

The theme of love is ever present though not only in his love interest, whom he is not allowed to be with creating the strong sense of forbidden love. But also forbidden love with his family. His family are white witches and he is the offspring of an affair. He and his brother are extremely close, perhaps the only one who was always verbally supportive of him. Whereas his eldest sister does everything in her power to create havoc and hell for him. 

The story continues with Half Wild and I cannot wait to see where it will end. This book is a mixture of suspense and heartache, which I cannot help but love and want more of!

What is your favourite book and genre? I'd love to know!  

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