The June Favourites

I know I am late on my June Favourites which I am sorry about! Work has been super crazy but I have finally had the opportunity to sit down and write last month's favourites! I have a mixture of beauty and  'lifestyle' this month so let's start with the beauty items. 

The Body Shop Insta Blur
The Insta Blur has fast become my favourite primer, what I like most about it is it smooths out my skin and creates an even layer for my make up to sit on top of. The texture is a little odd and when I first squeezed it out of the packaging I was a little intimidated but it blended into my skin nicely. 

Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua in 10 Beige 
I have been loving this foundation, the next post will be my 'Go-To Summer Make Up Look' which it will be featured in. The coverage is perfect for summer, not too heavy or too light, and combing it with the products I use seems to be perfect. My only downfall with it is this is the lightest colour and therefore will not match my skin tone in the winter! 

The Revolution Ultra Contour Palette 
I love this little beauty. I'd been looking for this contour palette for a very long time but they had always been sold out whenever I went into my local Superdrug. On a whim I decided to have a little look and there it was! I love the different shades and how many different looks I can create with it! 

A slightly odd beauty product, I love this cream as it helps when I have super dry skin. I am currently going through a bad skin patch and have needed some extra help with the dryness on my face. The way I have been using it is at night as a moisturiser and even as a face mask by using a little extra and leaving it on for 5-10 minutes. I know many people associate this product with babies but I have to say it works wonders! 

Label Maker 
My first 'lifestyle' piece is this label maker. I wanted to be able to label my storage boxes neatly to remind me what I have in each box. I also purchased it to label my little travel pots as normally the pen will rub off! It is so cute and chic and I have even been able to label Bill, my cactus. 

Half Bad by Sarah Green 

An excellent Dystopian book that I will be reviewing later in the week so stay tuned!

What were your favourite products, items, books, of last month? I'd love to know! 

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