The Travel Packing Tips

When it comes to packing for a short break away, or alternatively for me a weekend home, I detest the idea and find myself putting it off until last minute. That is until very recently. I believe that over the past couple of months I have managed to get packing my small case down to an art!

What I would recommend without a doubt is a hard shell suitcase with two sets of wheels that allow pulling and pushing the case to be incredibly easy. If this is not within your budget I am sure these tips will work just as well! There are many stores where you can get a great case for a great price. These places include TK Maxx, Wowcher and even Primark.

Tip #1 Capsulise your wardrobe

My first tip would be to try and cut your wardrobe down and follow the idea of a ‘capsule wardrobe’. If you are unsure as to what a capsule wardrobe is, then it is a number of different items which can all be used together to create different outfits.

Therefore, I like the idea of taking three pieces that can be mixed together to create different outfits. I generally will always take one-night outfit. The outfit I travel in which I will also travel home in and then another top to go with the pair of jeans I wear. I will then also take a pair of shoes for the evening and the ones I wear there for the day. PJ’s are a must and of course extra undies!

Tip #2 Don’t pack everything into one toiletry bag

You will find yourself stuffing it into your suitcase in an attempt to get the one make up bag in. Sitting on your suitcase comes to mind – which has happened to myself on numerous occasions.

I prefer to use two make up bags, one for my make-up and then one for my skincare and haircare. This allows distribution of the products and it makes it a heck of a lot easier to 3lose.

Tip #3 – Miniatures are a must!

Collect as many samples as you can and save them for these trips. I like to collect anything I received from Birchbox for these occasions and also miniatures that you can receive in magazines – you can get decent products in some magazines.

Another place you can get minis is in your local super markets or drugstores. The only thing is that these can be kind of pricey at times. This leads me to tip number 4…

Tip #4 – Travel Pots!

You can get travel pots in Primark for only £1. Using these travel pots mean that you don’t have to buy any new products and instead can decant them – thus you have all of your products in a smaller size and only £1 out of your account.

Tip #5 – Take a Cloth Bag

If your weekend, week, holiday consists of you going through an airport or going to a beach I feel a cloth bag is a must. When I go through an airport I take the cloth bag out to house anything I may want on the plane - e.g. book, iPad, magazine and bottle of water. The cloth bag can then also double up as a beachbag!

If you have any tips for travelling, then please be sure to leave them below! I would love to hear them!

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