Cow & Apple Restaurant

In my local town a new restaurant has just opened and it has been receiving rave reviews. For its ascetically pleasing style, it’s great food and drinks and its excellent service. Cow & Apple gives you a hint in the title, it’s a burger and cider joint – though it does serve other produce. The style is incredible chic and I love the wooden effects throughout. Myself and my mum decided to stop by for a bit of lunch as we were both going through a little bit of a creative rut.

Chicken Breast Burger with Chorizo 

We both opted for two different burgers and thought we would split them half and half – one of my favourite things to do! We went for the chicken and chorizo burger and also the Falafel Burger. I am a huge fan of Veggie burgers and I love the different flavours and tastes you can get from them.

With us both having a gluten intolerance we were happy to see you could go ‘skinny’ on the burgers and remove the bun, or alternatively there was the option of a gluten free bun for an extra 50p – I’m not going to argue with that! To go with the burgers, we opted for a few sides: coleslaw, skinny fries and also sweet potato fries – yum!

Falafel Burger 

The food was exceptionally good, and hats off to the chef for helping us with our allergies! The food was beautifully cooked and I really enjoyed every aspect of it. The sweet potato fries, in my opinion, were slightly overdone. But due to the amount you were given it really did not matter!

The size quantity and the reflecting price is actually quite amazing for the food you get. The portions are incredible, and the taste is also the same. With the starting price for the Falafal Burger at £6.75 and the Chicken Burger at £7.75, and the fries at only £2.00. There really is the chance to get a great meal at a great price.

What is your favourite independent restaurant?

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