Romeo & Juliet Live @ the Cinema

Last week myself and my mum went to the cinema to watch a live production of Kenneth Branagh’s Romeo and Juliet, live from Garrick Theatre in London. We were extremely excited as a few weeks before we had seen Richard III live, with Ralph Finnes playing the lead role.

Whilst the language is at times confusing, the flawless acting an and scenery contributed to the storytelling. Allowing us to be guided all the way through. Lily James effortless played Juliet, her portrayal was gripping, exciting and altogether heart-breaking. You rooted for Juliet even though you knew it was inevitable for her to die.

Richard Madden plays the dashing Romeo, his acting is captivating. His scenes to die for (quite literally) and his beauty is just amazing to watch. The chemistry the two have is like none other. Perhaps it comes from the two working so closely together in the live adaptation of Cinderella. They know how the other works and because of this the acting does not seem to be acting but instead real life.

The cast is littered with well-known names such as Meera Syal, Derek Jacobi and many, many more. It was such fun to watch – especially in the comfort of a cinema.

Cleverly, this recording and production is set in the 1950’s Verona. Therefore, the clothing and the scenery were all reflective of this. To stay true to this time period the recording was in black and white, taking you back to that time and reliving it as they would have seen it.

The added element of being in a cinema was very fun as many people, ourselves included, took a little picnic to eat during the interval. Many, as we learnt from watching Richard III, take their own wine and glasses to have at this point! It was all very exciting!

The production is one that I would have liked to have seen live but we were unable to get tickets, therefore being able to watch it in our local cinema was just as good!

Next up is the 25th Anniversary of Miss Saigon!

What is your favourite show to watch at the theatre? Do you even like the theatre?

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