Summer Hair Styles

I don’t know about you but during Summer I hate my hair. During Winter I love it, as it acts as a lovely little scarf/blanket for my neck. In the summer it just makes me, hot, hot, hot! Now that I have a fringe I have been loving the different ways I can style my hair. I never used to like putting my hair up, partly because I didn’t like the way that it looked. Now I have found many different styles which I have been obsessed with!

#1 French Braid
The image is of a French braid my sister did for me. I love the look of it, she does it nice and tight for me so that I can go to bed with my hair wet and have it ready for the next morning. It stays in perfectly and I think goes very well with my fringe!

#2 Dutch Braid
I wanted to include both the French braid & Dutch Braid because when I braid my own hair it automatically goes into the ‘dutch’ style. I’m not sure why this is but it’s the only way I can do it for myself.  When I do this braid I really like how it looks as it is not as structured as the French braid, this is because it is a lot looser and I feel looks slightly whimsical. I like to keep my fringe out of it once again and also pull through a few of the shorter pieces of hair at the front of my face.

#3 Pulled Back Waves
After I take the French Braid out it automatically gives me waves without the need for heat. I generally love to blow dry my hair so that it doesn’t become an out of control frizz ball. However, when it’s warm I just cannot take that extra heat and so the French plait is definitely worth it. However, I have very long hair and therefore the waves can be a little bit excessive, therefore I like to pull back the sides ad clip it to the back of my head. This way the waves are tamed and my hair is also out of my face.

#4 Messy Bun
Who doesn’t love an easy messy bun? On the days where I know I need to wash my hair the next day, the Messy Bun is always my go to! It keeps my hair off my face, my only issue with a bun is that it can give me a headache if I leave it up for too long.

These are all of the hairstyles I go to for Summer!

What are your favourite go to hairstyles for Summer?

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