The August Birchbox

I’m going to open this blog post by saying I’m disappointed. Normally there are a fair few products within the box that I can get very excited over and love to see more of. This one I believe, personally, is a mixture of disappointments. Which is such a shame as I really enjoyed the last two boxes.

Firstly, this month we received a bag instead of the normal box. Now, I have complained a few times over the boxes as they just stack up and I rarely use them. However, I have taken to use them in my wardrobe as dividers so am finally making them useful. The problem I have with this bag is that it is in no ways ‘cute’. Then the leaflet telling you all about the products were roughly folded in half and pushed inside the bag as well. The only part of the exterior that tells you it is from Birchbox is the logo on the zip. Otherwise it’s very plain.

Enough rambling onto the products…

#1 Marcelle Eyeliner in Mulberry
I have yet to try this product, so cannot comment on its staying power or pigmentation. It’s the only make up item in the box which leaves me feeling a little sad. It’s a beautiful deep purple colour, but not one that I would generally lean towards.

#2 Balance Me Radiance Face Mask
There are two products within the ‘box’ this month that are extremely tiny and this is the first, I’m sure I’ve received this before in a much larger travel size. I do actually like this face mask however, and for a night away it would be the perfect size to take with me.

#3 Yesto Coconut Cleansing Wipes
This is the other product which is super tiny. It has literally only one wipe inside of it and personally I don’t feel this is enough to test a product and see if I’d be willingly to buy a larger scale. I have received the yesto Cucumber wipes in a box before and really loved them. Even though it was a travel sized edition I still received a good amount of wipes to try.

#4 Anatomicals Body Scrub
I have never heard of this brand so I cannot comment on their products, it’s a very decent travel size and I believe it would be perfect for holidays or little weekends away.

#5 Merci Handy Antibacterial Hand Gel
A mini antibacterial hand gel, which I have to admit is super cute (although it is actually full size). It also has a very nice scent and doesn’t leave my hands feeling too wet or sticky after applying it. It has become a regular in my handbag due to it’s size and it’s a very easy on-the-go product to use.

#6 One More Day Dry Shampoo
My most excited product would have to be this one from Philip Kingsley. I love their products and I have just run out of my Percy & Reed dry shampoo so I am excited to test this one out and see what it’s like.

So there you have it. With my opinion of each months Birchbox changing so rapidly it’s hard for me to see if it continues to be worth it. Time will tell if they can make it any better!

What did you think of this month’s Birchbox?

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