The Bright Summer Eye Look

During the summer months I really like to experiment when it comes to my make-up. I switch foundations, concealer, mascaras up a lot in order to test different ones out. See me in the winter and I will pretty much always stick to the same foundation and rarely stray from it.

One element of my make-up practise that I like to change a lot is my eye shadows and eye looks. Summer for me is really about experimenting to see what suits me best. It’s also during this time that I am able to find products that will stand the test of time with me.

I have recently picked up two Zoeva palettes that I have been in love with. The Cocoa Blend palette I feel is perfect for evening as you can create some brilliant, dramatic looks from it. Whereas, the Naturally Yours palette (which I featured in my July Favourites) is perfect for the day time.

The look I like to create is a very bright eye look, given the appearance that you are wide awake. I combine many of the colours within to create it. As always I start with my Urban Decay Primer Potion, this allows the colours to burst and be intense. Then I like to start with the crease and I blend in the colour Soft & Sexy in circular motions. Next up is the shimmer shade Casual Elegance, which is my favourite in the palette. It’s an amazing champagne colour that really pops. I apply this all over my eyelid, on my brow bone and also the inner corner. Finally, I take Smooth Harmony, which is another shimmer colour and apply it to the outer third of my eye. This gives the look a little bit of definition without making it appear too dark.

For the days where I feel I would like to intensify the look even more I use the colour Slow Dance in the last half of the crease and blend it into Soft & Sexy. Moving on to the next step I like to use the L’Oreal Super Liner, I received this at Christmas and it’s still going strong. I love the length of the tip and how it’s almost a felt tip pen. One thing I have yet to achieve is winged eyeliner (honestly it’s my downfall), so I attempt one to define the eyes and make them appear bigger. 

Final steps are mascara, of course I always curl them and I have been loving my Charlotte Tilbury Lash Curlers. Then I am in love with the combination of the Diorshow Maximizer 3D Plumping Primer, and the Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes. The major thing I love about this combination is that I can apply many layers without it feeling sticky or heavy and they both really help to lengthen and thicken my lashes.

What’s your favourite look this summer?

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