The Cambridge Satchel

A few weeks ago I took advantage of The Cambridge Satchel Company’s sale to buy myself my very own little satchel. I would love to own one of the big, classic satchels one day but for now I just got a little one to use on a daily basis.

The one I purchased is The Medium Patent Push Lock in the colour Patent Walnut. I love bags with a structured design which is exactly what this is. Even though it is small it’s surprisingly versatile, as I can fit everything I need inside. Including my purse, phone, sunglasses and also my keys. The strap has many different holes so you can change the length of it, meaning it can be held over your shoulder or as a cross body bag.

I like to have it over my shoulder as it allows me to be hands free and I also feel like all of my belongings are safe and close to me. The colour is very neutral and matches with any outfit that I wear. The back has the Cambridge Satchel logo with a small cutout to put a bit of paper with, perhaps, your details on it.

Inside is very typical for these bags, they are not ‘finished’ on the inside but I really like this design. Again as I said I can fit everything I need to, I would have liked there to be a separate pocket on the inside but I really love the bag as it is.

What’s your go to accessory?

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