The July Favourites

This month has been a good month in terms of ‘having things to do.’ I’ve done quite a lot and explored many beautiful places. I am highly excited for next week as myself and my family have a week off to explore beautiful places. As always this months favourites will be a mixture of beauty and lifestyle!

#1 Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette
If I’m not mistaken I am pretty sure I featured a Zoeva palette in my last monthly favourites, however, I cannot help it. They are just too good! This one, I think, is my favourite. It has lovely shimmer colours that really are able to brighten any eye look – which I have been particularly loving this summer!

#2 Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation
I picked this foundation up on sale in my local B&M, I got it because my Wake Me Up one was currently too light for me (honestly something I never thought I would say, as I’m normally as pale as a sheet of paper). This particular foundation is the medium coverage version; they do have a full coverage foundation but I don’t like that version as I feel it makes my skin patchy. This one covers everything I need it to and lasts all day.

#3 Diorshow Maximizer 3D Plumping Primer
 I bought this a while ago with the intention to use it at night to help strengthen my lashes and to also help them to grow. I actually kept forgetting to use it for this purpose and instead have been liking to use it underneath my everyday mascara as it helps to lengthen and separate the lashes. An added bonus is that it is making them healthy at the same time!

#4 The Body Shop Pinta Colada Body Butter
This is my all-time favourite body butter, it is not only amazing in scent (truly it’s amazing) but it also is an amazing product. It helps to hydrate my body and any dry patches are instantly taken away. I have already got through one pot of these and have two in my back ups drawer! I am very tempted to go get more as they are only Limited Edition!

#5 The Book Thief
Not a book I have finished yet, but only 50 pages to go! It is a truly amazing book and as always there will be a review when I have finished but for now I will just say that it is a very uplifting book during a time that was so dark!

#6 Montacute House
I have written a post on this place which you can read here. Myself and my mum have recently got National Trust Memberships to encourage us to get out of the house. We live very close to Montacute House but had never visited it before. I love the fact it is literally down the road, meaning I can go whenever I want. I am looking forward to using it as a place to develop my photography skills.

What were your favourites for this month?

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