The Lidl Skincare Review

I love to test make up and beauty products. There is no hiding that, but what I love more than anything is when I find a bargain. There has been a lot of hype surround the Aldi face creams, and whilst I do not have an Aldi close to where I live I do have a Lidl’s. Lidl’s is a supermarket that is renound for its budget prices. The Aldi Q10 range is very popular and when we found a Lidl range that looked exactly the same I really wanted to be able to test it and give you my honest opinion.

I will admit that I was very much ready to hate these products, for me to throw them out straight away and write a review on how bad they are. But I can’t. I actually really love them – and this surprised me most of all.

The pots of both remind me of the Nivea moisturisers I used to use back in the day. They aren’t glamourous or pretty in anyway, and are actually a slight inconvenience if you wanted to take it away with you. However, decanting the product into a little pot is easy – so this element of it is fine.

Although they are not aestically pleasing I have to say I love their scent. Whilst I cannot pinpoint what the actual smell is I will say that it reminds me so much of holidays. It is a very light smell that doesn’t get irritating.

The product themselves:

They are Lidl’s own brand Cien and I have been using each product, day and night, for about two weeks now and I have to say I believe they have made a huge difference to my morning and evening routine. The day cream has a light texture that really helps to moisturise and hydrate the face. I honestly believe that this has helped to get rid of all of my dry patches which I had been dealing with for a fair few months. 

The night cream is a little bundle of joy. The day cream is in a yellow pot and the night cream a blue – pretty self-explanatory. This particular cream is much thicker, allowing your face to almost be nourished in a mask overnight. It is very heavy, but doesn’t feel too much. It does make me feel like it is soaking up all the dryness.

All I can say is, don’t judge it before you try it! And this, to me, is definitely one of those occasions!

What has been one of your surprise purchases?

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