The Week Off Post

Last week I took time off from my blog and social media to spend time with my family, we didn’t go away anywhere and instead decided to do a few day trips to save on money. The first day we ventured down to the coast to one of my favourite beaches Lyme Regis. We used to own a caravan down there when I was younger and I loved running around on the beach, mooching around the shops (particularly my favourite book shop) before ending up in the Amusements – still a favourite of mine to do, to this day.

The Tuesday we decided it was best to occupy my little 1-and-a-half-year-old niece. We went to this beautiful little farm adventure park called Farmer Palmers – which we have been to before, and got to meet many little animals and go on a bumpy tractor ride. Safe to say my animal and tractor obsessed niece loved it.

Finally, after Farmer Palmers we ventured onto Poole and ended up at Sandbanks beach, this is such a lovely beach as it is almost hidden from sight. It was quite busy but the length of the beach allowed everyone to spread out. It also allowed me to finish the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book before coming home.

Afterwards we relaxed at home and enjoyed the heat and the time off, playing in the paddling pool and meeting up with friends!

What’s been your favourite memory this summer?  

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