Three Forgotten Palettes

When I was combing through the many places I keep my make-up this week, it dawned on me that there were a number of products that I had completely forgotten about. And many of these were make-up items that I not only loved, but also ones at an affordable price. Therefore, I felt compelled to write a little review on three eyeshadow palettes that are not only brilliant but also a great price.  

I love it when I find old products as it makes me feel as if I have just received a basket full of new makeup.

 L’Oreal La Palette Nude
I received this for Christmas and remembered loving the size of the palette as I thought it would be perfect for travelling. (I swear I say that for almost every piece of makeup I own!) The lovely pink shades are perfect for me as I love to have bright eyes that really appear awake. I liked that there was a mixture of mattes and shimmers and a few deeper shades that could intensify a look during the night. I believe this palette is actually the most expensive out of the three at £14.99. Quite expensive when you think about drugstore make up palettes and the two that are coming up next. I would have to say that I wouldn’t have purchased this for myself had I not revived it as a present. This is because there are many other palettes, that are deemed as high-end and are definitely more worthwhile.

Revolution Iconic Pro Palette
Revolution are well known for their many different types of palettes and largely so for their dupes. The one particular palette I love from them is the Iconic Pro, this is a dupe for the highly popular Lorac Pro palette. Almost every shade is the same, or of a similar tone and even the layout of the palette is identical, save for the shape of the pans. The top row of shades are mattes whereas the bottom row are shimmers. I love that there is an equal amount of the two as sometimes I can be left wanting more shimmer shades. The pigmentation of this palette is amazing and definitely one I would highly recommend. Especially considering it is only £6.00.   

I Heart Make Up, I Heart Chocolate Palette
Once again another makeup dupe that I was amazed at finding. This particular palette I have wrote about last year, but put it away and forgot about it. It’s a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Palette, which I think is pretty obvious from the shape and design of it. I have never used the Too Faced one so I can’t compare the two together. This has a very lovely smell – just like chocolate. The colours are pretty much the same as Too Faced one and has lovely texture and staying power. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows are also amazing!

I can’t believe I completely forgot about these palettes and will definitely be re-featuring them in future blog posts!

Do you ever re-find products that you used to love? If so which one?

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