Top 10 Before Turning 25

The age of 25, for me, is extremely scary and daunting, I am currently 21 the prospect that in four years’ time I am going to be 25 freaks me out entirely. The age of 25 means definite adulthood, it means, ideally, you should have a stable job and be thinking about the future. Whilst there are elements that I definitely want to happen before I am 25 such as a dream job there are other parts which I want to accomplish before then. These may not be ‘adultish’ but they are completely me. The regular tag is 25 things before 25, however, I wanted to limit it down to 10 things which mean a lot to me…

#1 Go to Disney World in Florida – this the top of my list. I have never been and I just have to see it before I am 25.

#2 Explore New York – the majority of the items on the list are probably going be places to explore and New York is high on my list.

#3 Finish Writing my Book – now I know this probably should have been number 1 but this is my lifelong goal to write a book and get it published. Sitting down and having time to write is hard but I am hopeful I can get this done in time. 

#4 Finish 100 Books in a Year – I want to be able to read 100 books in a year. I love to read and I am certain I can take the time out of each day to read and achieve this goal. 

#5 Buy My Own House – probably in this economic climate not very realistic, but I would love to own my own house.

#6 Develop More of a Skill in Photography – whilst I would say that I am okay at photography I would love to be able to take beautiful artistic shots for my lifestyle posts and for future photography jobs.

#7 Get More Photography Jobs – number 6 leads nicely onto this, I have a few photography jobs lined up that I am excited for and would love to develop my skills in order to get more.

#8 Get a Substantial Following on my Blog & Youtube – ever Blogger/Youtubers goal, whilst I am thrilled at the following I already have I would love to dedicate more time to it.

#9 Live in a few Different Countries – my main goal has always been to live and work in Paris. I love the city, it’s stunningly beautiful and would love the opportunity to live there. Along with Paris there are many other places I would love to live and gain the experience of a different culture.

#10 Travel – there are so many places I want to visit and experience, so many wonders to explore. Whilst maybe it is not realistic to get all of these done there may be a chance to at least do a few. Fingers crossed!

What is your main goal? 

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