Visiting Barrington Court House

 As I mentioned in my Montacute House Visit, we recently got National Trust memberships to encourage us out of the house this summer.

Last week we visited Barrington Court House, a wonderful place that’s only a half hour journey away. As one of the first houses the National Trust purchased it was exciting to see what it was like. I was astounded by the inside of the house, as it was completely bare, expect for the restoration work that had taken place during the early 1900s. A wealthy gentleman took over the restoration to the house and spent a lot of money redoing and restoring it. The most surprising element, perhaps, is that he spent all this money knowing he would never be able to pass it down through the generations of his family as he would never own it.

The house and its beautiful grounds and gardens were the perfect place to test out my newly purchased camera. The Canon 700d, I had only ever used Nikons before but had heard so many good things about this one. So when my camera gave up the ghost it seemed like the perfect chance to give it a try.

Canons and Nikons are very different. Especially when it comes to the display
screen when in manual mode. On a Nikon when changing the aperture, the camera would show you how small the hole is. This made it a lot easier to judge, however, I feel the Canons way of not showing you this, makes me think more about the photograph I want to take and also encourages me to take more care in the photographic choices I make.

The Manor House sits on acres of land, the perfect place to picnic and lounge around all day! If the weather treats you right that is. There were many groups of families picnicking in front of the house and also playing with the outdoor games which were supplied.

The many different gardens sectioned off by walls were all so pretty. One of the places I took quite a few photos was in the white garden. A garden full to the brim with different kinds of white flowers. With many inhabitants of the plants, such as bees and butterflies, that I tried to get photographs of without getting too close to!

Enjoy the photos!

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