Top Three Breakfasts

I love food. There is no denying that I would do anything for a good, hearty and yummy breakfast in the morning. But since being told I have a gluten allergy it’s been a struggle to find tasty breakfasts to eat. Myself and my mum have completely changed our diet and have seen amazing results from it.  

Buying health food books have enabled us to find healthy and yummy alternatives that are able to give us a kick start in the morning. Both our jobs require us to be up early in the  morning so we need energy to last us through until lunch. (Of course there is always time for a little snack in between but that’s another blog post for another time).


#1 Homemade Granola with Greek Yogurt & Raspberries
This is by far my favourite breakfast to have in the morning. It has so much healthy produce in it that helps me to feel awake and also full. The credit does go to my mum though as she is the one who makes it so delicious! Adding raisins and also apricots to the mix when cooking really gives a lovely sweet flavour. On top I like to have greek yogurt with a dash of honey and a sprinkling of Raspberries!   

#2 Gluten Free Toast with Nutella & Chopped Banana
Another healthy breakfast with a little bit of something extra! I love to have toast and Nutella, a very simple and easy breakfast to make. Especially when you are in need of something quick before work, school, university etc. The added banana source of fibre is also brilliant to start the day with.

#3 Breakfast Pots
This is a new breakfast I have found and have been really liking it as an alternative to the other two. This is something I go to when I am not overly hungry but am in need of a little pick me up. I start by layering banana’s in the bottom of a jar add a little honey before popping greek yogurt on top. I then add chopped raspberries and strawberries and another layer of greek yogurt. Before sprinkling with sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds. Then finally a small drizzle of honey to finish it off!

What is your favourite breakfast?

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