Day 6: Stocking Filler Inspirations

It's the most wonderful time of the year... 

Christmas is fast approaching and if you've got those important presents for your loved ones then yay! If perhaps you have the little stocking filler presents left to purchase, then hopefully this will give you a little help in deciding!

These items I recently picked up when I was out doing some Christmas shopping, I thought that these would be perfect to go into a stocking and be the perfect mini gift. The great thing about them as well is that they do not always have to cost a lot of money and instead can be a little thing to bulk up! 

The first is the Zoella travel mug, I actually got this when I purchased the Zoella backpack. But I think the travel mug is the perfect thing to pop into a stocking. It's something that I use all the time as I travel quite a bit. A cup of tea on the go is the perfect thing for me! I do believe that this comes in a set with a pair of fluffy socks for £14.00.

The Next is the Zoella ‘She Designed the Life She Loved’ planner, it is a little expensive at £10.00 but I absolutely love the colour scheme and the fact that you can plan so much throughout your day. I have been looking for one of these for a long time, I had one that I purchased from TK Maxx but used all of the things inside of it. I thought I would take the plunge with this one and absolutely love it. 

The next is a set from Primark, the Make Me Matte set includes a lip liner and a matte lipstick. The set costs £2.50 and I purchased the nude colour, but I believe there is also a deep red colour – perfect for Christmas.

Adding to the Primark theme I also purchased the Brow Beautiful, including a Brow Gel and Brow pencil and also contains a mini pair of tweezers. This is also £2.50 – these little sets are perfect for a stocking!

Next up are a few Stationary items from TK Maxx, unfortunately, as TK Maxx stock changes continuously I cannot say if you will find these items in there. But I was very lucky when I found them. I'd been looking for planners and ‘to do’ checklists for a long time – but it was important that they were cute! They are all marble theme, which I love, and also were all really affordable. I absolutely love the planner, as in-between all of the notes are inspirational quotes. This particular item was only….?????

I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration when attempting to buy stocking fillers! This type of present is my favourite as there is much less pressure!

Merry Christmas!  

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