A Casual Christmas Outfit

My favourite outfit during the winter normally consists of clothes that will keep me warm and comfortable, and not generally ‘fashionable.’ But what I love keeping to during the winter is a ‘same colour theme’ I love to wear the same colour jeans and jumper.

Especially black high waisted jeans along with a black high necked jumper. I feel this look is very classy and also very slimming. It makes me feel tall and elongated – which I am definitely not. The jeans I love are the Jamie jeans from Topshop – this is because they’re a thicker material to that of the Joni jeans. They keep the shape of the body and also feel very comfortable. I don’t feel comfortable when I’m in the Joni jeans and I think it’s because overtime they stretch out of place. However, every time I wash the Jamie jeans they shrink back to their original size.

The high necked jumper is from Primark – I have a very similar one from Topshop – but I have picked this one over it because of the soft fabric. I tuck it into the highwaisted jeans and it keeps me feeling snug and soft.

On my feet I also opt for a pair of heeled black boots. These are from Tesco and they are very easy to walk in. I would say if I had tried them on in the shop I probably would have gone down a size as they are quite baggy – but nothing a good pair of fluffy Primark socks won’t fix.

When I am going out I add a grey scarf and my old camel coat from Topshop.

What is your favourite outfit during the cold weeks?

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