A Month of no Meat

Whilst most people this month may be giving up on the booze, I am attempting something slightly different. For the month of January, I am trying to cut out meat. It is not something that I had planned intently to do, but I am hoping that it will become a good lifestyle choice. I am not going to class myself as a ‘vegetarian’ as at some point I am sure I will be enticed by that Indian Takeaway – a definite let down for myself. And I am still eating fish.

I believe that I will not find it too hard to cope with as I tend to not eat much meat when I live at home or on my own, and it is also not for all the reasons most people change over to become a vegetarian or vegan. I have my own views and I respect the reviews of other people. What I do like to think about, however, is how I feel it will benefit my own health.

I already have a gluten allergy which, of course, prevents me from eating a lot of food. It also means, that when I eat out I either have to ask for a specific menu – or watch what I eat. Therefore, I feel this won’t be too difficult to contend with. There are now many cook-books which can help with these things, for example Deliciously Ella and Clean Eating Alice. Which have already helped when finding exciting new foods and meals to try.

I am, therefore, excited to try out this month meat free. To see if, after the month, I feel any healthier and to also see if I would be willing to keep to this kind of diet.

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