Velo Lounge, Bath

There’s no hiding that I love food. There’s also no hiding that I love excellent, feel-good food, that makes you feel wholesome and ready for a night in front of the TV. This is what Velo Lounge in Bath has created for me. Their food is feel great food. As I stated in my previous blog post I am not eating meat, and finding places which cater for someone who has a gluten allergy along with no longer eating meat is very hard to find.

Velo Lounge is a beautiful, boutique cafĂ©/restaurant, situation outside of the city centre of Bath and close to where I used to live. They cater for all types of dietary requirements, gluten free, vegetarian and even vegan. We are beginning to see more and more places cater for these three cases and for that I am very grateful. The menu for each is a whole A4 sized paper – which is brilliant, generally places will have one or two things that are gluten free that I may be able to eat.

What I opted for was the Vegetarian breakfast on the gluten free menu – I really am a pain in the ass! This consisted of:

The halloumi & sweetcorn fritter was not what I expected it to be but very tasty nonetheless. We had the vegetarian breakfast for dinner – which was a delight to find out they serve their brunch menu all day. The combination of each item created a beautiful tasting meal and the delightful gluten free roll finished the dinner off perfectly!

What was even more incredible was the chocolate brownie I had for pudding. It was the most incredible dessert I have ever had – far exceeding most of the fancy restaurants I have attended. I cannot recommend it enough! Unfortunately, the picture really does not do it justice.

It’s a place I cannot recommend enough, even more so for their 2for1 cocktails deals.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

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