Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Cream Review*

When I last received some of the Dr Botanicals products to review I was thrilled and also pleasantly impressed by the quality. They were lovely products that helped to make my skin feel nourished and repaired. I love the rose scented items so when I received the Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Body Repairing Cream I was extremely excited.

*All opinions are completely my own.*

*Note to Dr Botanicals* - There is so much packaging! Seriously way too much.

Dr Botanicals is a luxury brand, offering luxury products. The products are always packaged in the sleek brown boxes, with the classic black logo and writing. This sleek and slender way of packaging immediately makes the product feel luxurious. Their Moroccan Rose range is simply lovely; it’s smells so beautiful – though it is nothing too heavy. Some rose scents can be very strong and leave me with a slight headache but these products don’t do this.

An interesting aspect for Dr Botanicals that makes them stand out beyond a lot of beauty brands is that they never test on animals, making them cruelty free. They use natural products that are gentle for the skin and are completely vegan friendly, free of any parabens or harmful preservatives.

Dr Botanicals is currently offering the Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Cream at a discounted rate for their Moroccan Rose Month! As February is the month of love it seems only appropriate for this particular range to be within the offer. The body butter is simply beautiful, it’s very light and when applied to the skin does not feel sticky or damp. A problem I find with a lot of body creams or lotions. I cannot stand not being able to get changed straight away or my clothes or pyjama’s getting stuck to me. This product does not do this; it sinks into the skin fully nourishing as it does so. Afterwards it leaves the skin feeling extremely soft, the scent as I previously said is not overpowering but there is a distinctive scent that lingers.

The pot itself is quite small but it would last a long time as a little bit definitely goes a long way. As it is a luxurious item I would also be inclined to only use it when my skin is feeling particularly dry.

Dr Botanicals have also been kind enough to give me a discount code for you to use throughout the month of February, to make the product even cheaper than it’s current discount. The discount also applies to the rest of the Morrocan Rose range, some of which I have previously review which you can read here.

Currently on offer for £19.99 the discount code SHANNONBLOG offers 20% off, making it £15.99. A bargain as the RRP is £89.00! So, snap the offer up whilst you still can.

What is your favourite body butter/cream?

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