The Amazing January Sales

After Christmas Boots had their famous ½ price Christmas sale on all their Christmas gift sets. This year, strangely, I had hardly any “smelly’s” – a rarity for all Christmas presents. It was strange but I was also oddly happy about it. It meant I could go into Boots and choose my own smelly’s and ones which I would continue to use all year round.

The Sanctuary Let Go Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

The original price for this gift set was £25 and getting it for £12.50 automatically made it a complete bargain. The gifts inside were, of course, travel sized editions but I was completely happy by the number of different products that were inside. It is also one of the bigger advent calendars that I have seen. I feel this advent calendar was overlooked during Christmas, with the likes of Yankee Candle and Tanya Burr’s advent calendar taking the throne in the drugstore. It is a shame because this includes all 24 days and a range of items.

The products inside include the regular Sanctuary scent in the orange packaging and it also contains the newer rose scented products which I really like. Along with the regular body wash and body lotion items there were also various things such as a sleep mask, a body glove and then random stationary items. That: although, they didn’t fit into the style of the advent calendar, they were incredible cute!

What has been your favourite thing you’ve found in the sale?

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