Visiting the Beautiful Village of Lacock

'What is Life but One Grand Adventure?'

Only forty minutes out of Bath there is a beautiful little village called Lacock. Home to the beautiful Lacock Abbey, it is a stunning place to visit. I went to this village when I was in college, back four years ago now, on a photography trip and have wanted to return for so many years. Before Christmas I took the opportunity, alongside some of my friends, to take the drive out of Bath to visit it. Being a National Trust member meant I would be able to visit Lacock Abbey for free – however, it was the village of Lacock that I had the most interest in.

We visited it on one of the coldest days of the year and therefore decided not to stay for too long to avoid freezing into an ice statues in the middle of the road. We explored around the beautiful houses, looked inside the wonderful little shops there. So many cute village shops that I got rather excited about! My friend Becky is also an avid photographer and it allowed us to do lots of photography.

What excited me the most was the little stands that were on the end of the streets, people were selling chutneys, jams and other various items and leaving the stands outside the house. I love the trust that the village has with one and other and all of the various items were also so beautiful!

I love taking my camera around little villages like this as it is the perfect way to practise. Even though the day was so cold it still attracted a lot of tourists, and should we have had more time we would have had a little look around the abbey!

What’s your favourite place to visit for photographs?

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