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I’ve thought long and hard about what I wanted this first blog post to be, I thought about doing the generic make up haul to kick start the summer months. But when I thought about it I came to the realisation that I wanted to give you all an explanation, one that would highlight where I’ve been and why blogging wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. There were a few obstacles to climb before I could contemplate getting back to blogging and the following paragraphs might explain why.

#1 Life
It might seem obvious but life came along and kicked me in the ass, things happened and ultimately blogging wasn’t my main priority anymore. It felt to me that I had to compartmentalise elements in my life so I could get a handle on them. Open one box at a time and handle life in small chunks.

#2 University
The big one for this first half of the year. As I was in my third year of university I wasn’t able to dedicate the time I wanted to blogging as this was my main responsibility. It came first and therefore I made sure to do well in all aspects. Doing the best I could for all assignments. But now that that stage of my life is over, which is hard to believe I’m no longer an undergraduate, I need to carve a different path and now seems the time to renter blogging into the schedule.

#3 Falling out of love with blogging
It was sad to admit it to myself but I slowly began to fall out of love with blogging, I found that everything I was writing about seemed more and more robotic, and was becoming a bit of a chore. It seemed like I had to get a blog post up, instead of getting one up because I wanted to. I also found that the more I wrote, the more I found I was writing the same content. I found I was only uploading the same things: favourites, hauls, top 5, etc. Meaning that my favourite lifestyle posts were getting put to the back of the line.

So! My aim for this summer is to upload content that means something. Content that I love, regardless of who else might love it. I will of course still be uploading both beauty and lifestyle posts as they are what I love! But I see my blog as my own personal space, one which I open up - arms spread out wide - for others to join in one and I hope you will come along for the ride.

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