Exploring the Bath Canal

I have lived in Bath for three years now and I am still amazed at the places I find. My mum always makes the comment that although I’ve lived here for this long I’ve not explored everywhere. I think it’s the same with most cities that you visit: you cannot cram everything into one trip. Or in my case, three years! (insert crying-laughing face here!)

I became comfortable in the places I knew and so very rarely ventured to somewhere new. It’s only recently that I thought to myself, there must be a prettier way to get into town, instead of walking along a busy road. And there is. I knew the canal led into the centre of Bath, but I had not walked the whole way along it, most of the time I am trying to get somewhere in a hurry and so very rarely decide to take my time along the more scenic routes.

But since university has finished I have been able to slow right down, and to take my time exploring the places I had not thought to visit. Including those which I wanted to visit but had forgotten all about.

The canal that runs throughout Bath is very well known and very beautiful. It stops as you enter Bath city centre but if, like me, you live further out then walking along it from day-to-day is simply the best way to get into the centre. Particularly as the sun begins to set beyond the buildings and you are able to get some really pretty shots.

I love taking my polaroid out with me and seeing what types of images I can get. At this time of the day the shots feel very romanticised and perfect for hanging on the pin board in my room. It is also the perfect cycling route – should you decide to do this!

What is your favourite place to visit?

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